Clear communication to the customer

This concept may just sound like empty corporate rhetoric, but ANS actually puts this concept to work in a way that is highly visible and makes sense to our clients.
We understand that the whole IT experience can be overwhelming.  Many times, contract IT services that you received offer no explanation and no way for you or anyone else to find out what was done.  All that money you spent on IT improvements has been wasted if your staff does not know how to use them, or that they can use them.
This also impacts your ability to grow your future IT infrastructure economically.  If you do not know what was done to your network, future IT resources will have to spend valuable time and money finding out what has already been done before they can progress.
ANS solves these problems the way they should be solved.  ANS assesses your needs and your future needs.
ANS then implements the new technology and illustrates to the client verbally and through clear, simple, expressive documentation:

  1. What was done
  2. How to use it
  3. What to look forward to in the future

ANS then puts this information in it’s secure website for you to logon and view in the future.  So you’re never in the dark about what needs to be done next.
ANS offers clear channels of communication to the client at all times.  These clear channels are developed through extensive documentation and resource setup, and through direct support.  Our support doesn’t just help your business solve the problem; we show you how it was solved, and how to solve it in the future.
ANS looks forward to helping Austin connect now and in the future.